Saving Nature in Islamic View

Berikut ini adalah naskah pidato saya ketika saya mengikuti lomba Speech Contest yang diadakan oleh Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Komunikasi Universitas Mulawarman pada hari Ahad, 20 Mei 2012. Temanya adalah tentang keadaan alam di Kalimantan, maka saya mengangkat topik ini dengan sedikit ayat Al-Qur’an dan hadits.

The Honorable Judges, MC, and my dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu’alaykum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Before starting the speech, I would like to make a plea a request that I would like to personally thank my beloved friend for supporting me to join this competition.  It’s a great pleasure for me to have an opportunity to deliver a speech before the intellectual community of audience. And I’d like to thank the organizing committee for such moment.

The topic is Nature.

Now, when we talk about nature, it’s not far from the issues of illegal logging, garbage, or nature disaster. But, I will talk this issue little bit in Islamic view. I’d like to start by drawing your attention to God’s message about nature. Dear friends, listen to this, Al-Qur’an said: “Do not mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order, but call on Him with fear and longing (in your hearts): for the Mercy of Allah is (always) near to those who do good.” [Al-A’raaf 7:56]

God said to you, to participants here, and me: “Do not mischief…” You know what “mischief” is? Mischief means bad behavior (especially of children) that is annoying but does not cause any serious damage or harm. But in other meaning, harm or injury that is done to somebody or to their reputation.

Having looked at this subject, let’s now turn to the problem of cleanliness in Samarinda. What do you think about the cleanliness in Samarinda? Yea, some of you will say ‘very good’, some say ‘good enough’, and some say ‘very bad’. That’s fine. Everyone has right to say their opinion. But, I suppose, the cleanliness in Samarinda is still low. The government and the people have to contribute to create the clean environment in the city. In fact, I always see the dead rats on the street and garbage. Of course it makes the street very disgusting. Perhaps it’s why many Samarinda people get disease.

“Cleanliness is the part of faith!”

Let me now turn to green program. I heard that the government of East Borneo makes Kaltim Green program. It sounds good, and I agree with that program. You know, Rasulullah shollallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said, “When the Day of Judgment comes, while a person amongst you is holding a date seed. If he is able to not standing until he plants it, do it then.” This is a value message. Even Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- ordered us to plant the tree when we are dying. It’s not just for Muslim, but for you too, Christians, Buddhists. Every human being, every people in Samarinda have to participate in this program. Just plan one tree on your house field, your office building field, or your skyscraper field.

In concluding, I would like to express that it is time to change. Let’s introspect ourselves, and be better persons, no littering, plant the tree, I’m sure our Samarinda will have a better future. There is no flood, there is no typhus, and the important is there are no dead rats on the street. God will not change yourself, but you change it by yourself. I remember one of the street singer’s lyric:  “Who said Samarinda is a damn city? Who said Samarinda is a gangster city? But Samarinda is a faithful city!”

Wassalamu’alaykum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Walaupun tidak masuk tiga besar tapi setidaknya bangga bisa mengenalkan ajaran Islam mengenai lingkungan. :-p


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